The Plan

Everybody Is Needed

There are countless organizations working tirelessly to improve equity in Minnesota. However, isolating silos mitigate progress. There are several factors contributing to racial employment equity, like: social policies, HR practices, education, transportation, housing and healthcare. But, who’s connecting the dots? Unconscious prejudice permeates the workplace, making it difficult to break through critical barriers. There are simply too many people of color out of work. For the sake of economic success in our region, this needs to change. For the spirit of our community, we all need to work together.

Everybody In Is A Super Connector & Super Conductor To Change

Everybody In’s vision as a “convener” and “amplifier” is to align equity practitioner efforts, synthesize their overall progress, and leverage multiple stakeholder interests, best practices, financial resources, and special innovations aimed at closing racial disparities and gaps in employment, and in economic development for communities of color in the Twin Cities and in the surrounding seven-county area (including Rochester/Olmsted County) in Minnesota. By leveraging both the talent pool and the assets of all people, Minnesota can continue to thrive and to prosper as the socioeconomic status (SES) of communities of color and the needle on “economic equity” is achieved and sustained.

Through the development of a comprehensive equity ecosystem supported by super connector events and racial equity action research, Everybody In will connect a wide range of resources, organizations and private/public sector leaders with the power and commitment to close the racial equity gap in Minnesota.

Everybody In will expedite change throughout the seven-county metro area by connecting organizations and opportunities in areas related to: (1) Policy, Outreach and Collaboration; (2) Education and Work Preparedness; and (3) Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Businesses.

With this super connector and super conductor role, we will successfully deliver our collective impact objective – an end to racial employment disparities in the region.

Everybody Can Make Change Happen

We will be victorious if we reduce disparities every year until 2040. Minnesota will thrive, if everybody gets in it to win it.